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The Story Of Oud

THE story of OUD is friendship between Andrea Casotti, an Italian 

Master Perfumer, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, a producer of Jakarta oud

, two people who share a passion for art, perfumes and travel, together 

with a sense of beauty and their love of study. Their ideas and inspirations

 have been collect from all over the world into a single ‘house’. Theirs is a 

rather special house: it has no walls or borders, but is open to opportunities

 and to visits, furnished with knowledge, experience and the age-old art of 

 perfumery.The right to sell Arabian Oud’s unique range of products, 

which have an extensive shelf-life making them a long-term asset for the bu-  

siness.An Option to develop, manage and operate a distribution network 

subject to fulfilling Arabian Oud requirements.



The decision to open  Oud’s first store in Bangkok Thailand serves a purpose beyond that of trade. The Oud brand represents heritage and originality. Now Arabian Oud, the biggest oriental perfumes retailer, is Granting Franchise rights to reach everywhere in the world.



Oud offers all franchisees the following opportunities as part of its franchise system: An opportunity to associate with the leading company in specialty Arabian and Oriental perfume retail franchising. An opportunity to own and operate a successful business in one of the top five industries in the world. The opportunity to own and operate the business in the market with insignificant competition. . The opportunity to embark at the highest point of the learning curve of Oud.



 Oud grants all franchisees the following rights as part of its franchise system: The right to own, manage and operate the business as an Area Developer for an initial period of Ten (10) years, renewable for a consecutive term, subject to fulfilling Arabian Oud’s conditions at the time of renewal. The right to use the Arabian Oud trade name and associated marks, expertise and know-how, operational systems and all literature and other material protected by copyright. The right to use a substantial amount of accumulated know-how of business management, sales and marketing, business administration and day-to-day operation systems including principles, practices and corporate policies of Arabian Oud. 

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